Friday, 6 December 2013

Everyone seems to have highlighted the importance of internet in bringing business closer and easier but one of the fact is internet can be of great help in making the world healthier.with a lot of information available online at just the click of mouse ,its very easy for people to get information regarding the ailments and healthy habits.

But I think this is the least used by internet savvy people.It could be a great tool for people to lead a healthy lifestyle.Let me show how internet can help people to lead a healthy life by allotting 5 mins of their day on internet of health topics.There are websites like NHS website  ,Health talk online and Patients like me which helps the people to know about their ailments at just of mouse and take precautions and go to a doctor if they find it necessary.At the same time I am not saying internet is going to replace the doctor -clinic setup.I would also like to caution of depending on too much on net and becoming a self proclaimed physician. All in all internet can be a useful tool for making life healthy.

Another aspect is how Internet is changing the way healthcare is delivered and how its helping the developing countries.First, better tools for diagnosis and communications has lead to better services to the developing countries.Second, the Internet has a vital role to play in supporting the broader socioeconomic changes in developing countries necessary to improve quality of life.Third, the Internet provides an amazing opportunity today to spread greater knowledge that can help save lives and transform approaches to global health.Many mobile applications helps people take care of their daily routine for taking tablets and doctors visits

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